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All About Crane and its Types

Crane is one of the most important modern industrial machines, making the tasks possible that humans don’t complete with their own hands. However, to complete the right job, the right type of crane must be used. 

When looking at installation of tower cranes & demolition service, you should know what different types of cranes, and what tasks they have to do. Tower cranes are found in many construction sites, and have the ability to lift and move hundreds of feet easily. 

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As the name implies, this crane is attached to a large tower at worksite and hook hanging from the long moving arm. Tower cranes are used when utilizing heavy construction supplies such as concrete, steel, large machines, and also large pieces of buildings that are being built.

Bridge cranes are used on industrial sites and move along the runner built into the ceiling or suspended by metal frames. The hoist moves along the runner, the material moves attached to the hook. 

This is a type of crane that will most likely see used by indoor industrial operations and maintenance. They are usually used to move pallets, parts, and other inventory in large spaces faster than by hand, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. 

Besides knowing what type of crane is most suitable for the job, you also need to know the right type of rigging crane.Consult with your crane company so they can tell you about the best rigging system that will complete your work quickly and correctly.