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Things That You Should Know About Punching Bag Safety

The punching bag is the best tool out there to help improve MMA and boxing skills. One thing that is often overlooked is safety. 

The objective of this article is to report injuries that you can avoid with boxing bags (which is also called ‘ bolsas de boxeo ’ in Spanish) and means to avoid running into problems. 

Some of the tips mentioned in this article may seem obvious, but they are still high because they are not as rare as we would like.

The most common is the fractured or broken hand injury, which often results from contact with an inappropriate bag during a cross or hook. 

Every time you hit the punching bag, you should aim to establish contact so that the flat part of your pointer and middle fingers are flat against the bag. 

Avoid hitting so that the only point of contact is with the fingers as excessive pressure, Knuckles can still break or fracture. Distribute the weight between your fingers and it will fall instantly.

One common mistake is striking the bag in such a boxing so that the main point of contact is located opposite the major and ring fingers. 

Your hand is very weak in mid- phalanx rings and that kind of punch can lead to fractured or broken hands. Again, the pointer sticks to fingers medium / punch hunting to avoid this.

Some beginners press their thumbs with their fingers in a fist. And yes, you guessed it, on impact, they often jam or fracture their thumb. When you make a fist, the thumb should be away from the other fingers.