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Choose Employee Onboarding Module For HR Management

Companies looking to invest in such a platform can always start with the core modules and then integrate the advanced modules with changing business needs. You can download the latest onboarding process with the workflow editor to manage the employee data automatically in the software.

Time and attendance module is used to track data when employees enter and leave as well as to interrupt working hours and then send the data to the module for payment. 

Holiday management module introduces the automation of the distribution process, implementation, tracking, and monitoring of sheets and makes it easier for employees to apply for and obtain sheet approvals. It is often linked to time and attendance management modules to calculate employee attendance over a certain period of time.

Recruitment module provides a centralized platform for all activities related to the hiring process, which creates job posting requirements, maintains a database of candidates in the list, schedules interviews, and monitors the selection process of each employee in a very easy and hassle-free way for recruiters in your organization. 

Onboarding module can also be used to systematically carry out various steps related to the detention process, eg. B. Entries, user account creation, training process, and more.

Apart from some of the modules mentioned above, there are now several additional modules available with advanced HR management software designed for all aspects and functions of the HR department.