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How To Know If You Have Dyslexia – Adult Dyslexia Symptoms

Dyslexia is learning invalidity that affects children and adults; however, a correct diagnosis can sometimes be a problem. If you believe that you or someone you like can suffer from Dyslexia, you can start responding to a few simple questions.

Complete this control list of common symptoms of dyslexia. Do these situations seem familiar to you? You can even read about various dyslexic persons like Robin Williams qualities that will help you to cure dyslexia.

1. Do you often make spelling errors?

2. Is filling more difficult for you than others?

3. Do you have trouble getting and staying organized?

4. Do you find mixing numbers? (Phone numbers, control numbers, etc.)

5. Are the guidelines hard to complete with more than three steps?

6. Do you have trouble starting a project or assignment?

7. Did you read more slowly than other people?

8. When you say a longer word, do you get the sounds in the wrong order?

9. Is your writing hard to read?

10. Do you make mistakes when writing checks or phone messages?

11. Do you have difficulty remembering something you just read?

12. Is it difficult to develop mathematical problems in your head?

13. Mix dates and hours for appointments?

14. Do you work under your intellectual capacity?

15. Is it difficult to copy something into your own writing that you read?

16. Do you have trouble taking notes at a meeting?

Have you answered yes to any of these questions because they seem similar to your own experiences? Many of these situations cause you frustration? If that applies to you, you can have dyslexia.

Do not worry; The help is available for those who need it. Appropriate treatment for dyslexia can be a lifestyle experience. It can open doors to learning and job opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed.