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Oriental Area Rugs – Know Before You Buy an Oriental Rug

Did you know that you can usually tell the country from which the Oriental rugs come from the design and style? While we often think 'Oriental rugs' as having an overall defining style, the truth is that there are many styles of Oriental carpets, most of them grew out of traditional patterns and materials common to the country or region in which they originate.  

Persian Rugs –

It is a carpet that most people think of when they hear 'Oriental rugs'. Persian carpets are easily the most recognizable styles of Oriental rugs. Now known as Iran, Persia has a reputation for producing some of the most beautiful and high-quality carpets throughout history. You can explore for acquiring more knowledge about oriental rugs.

Traditional designs bear the names of the tribal region where they are made – Tabriz, Kerman, Sarouk and others. Floral and geometric patterns are characteristic intricate Persian design, which makes them among the most sought after and precious Oriental rugs.

Rugs India –

Most Oriental rugs sold in the United States today are made in India. Carpet industry is one of the mainstays of rural workers in India. Indian carpet manufacturer keeps finger on the pulse of the market, so you can find carpets made in India are made in a design that comes in almost every other country. Oriental rugs from India are generally cheaper than from other countries.