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Decorate in style with glass

Decorative items have taken a turn towards compositions that require skilled workers and craftsmen. Molten glass has had a tremendous impact on today's market. Over the years, many techniques have emerged in the creation of fused glass art, leading to a variety of beautiful and interesting results.

To make molten glass, you must first purchase a furnace. For best results, you can purchase the Skutt Kilns online at

Skilled craftsmen must place glass in an oven at temperatures ranging from 1,099 degrees Fahrenheit to 1,501 degrees Fahrenheit. The technique used to fuse glass is generally divided into three categories and provides artisans with several options when creating their artwork.

The first of these techniques is called "degenerate." Using the lowest temperature range required to fuse the glass (1100º to 1250º F), which softens the glass and bends over the contours of whatever is under it.

The second technique, known as 'tactical fuse' uses mid-range temperatures of 1250º-1350ºF. For spot fusing, some glass pieces can be fused without having to heat the entire item to the point of transformation.

The third technique is called 'complete fuse', and this requires the highest melting temperature of the glass between 1350º-1500ºF. As you would expect, all the parts of the glass and every little piece of the added extra piece melt into one part of the web.