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Marine ASVAB – Minimum Requirements, Scoring System and Re-Testing Policy

Like other branches of the military, the Marines check your AFQT score, which is a qualification test for the armed forces. This score consists of four subtests, namely mathematical knowledge, paragraph comprehension, arithmetic reasoning, and word knowledge.

An army ASVAB practice test online AFQT score of 32 or higher will take you to the Navy if you have a high school diploma. You must have an ASVAB Marine score of 50 or higher to be eligible for a recruitment bonus, Marine Corp college grants, or programs for the geographic area of your choice

The minimum score for the GED registration qualification is 50. The Marines use a simple points system where three points are considered as follows:

Mechanical Support – Auto & Shop, Mathematical Knowledge, General Science, and Mechanical Comprehension.

General Technical – Verbal expression and Arithmetic reasoning.

Electronics – Arithmetic, Mathematics, General Sciences, and Information Electronics.

Recovery of marine ASVAB

ASVAB Marine's readback policy is similar to most other offices. You can pick them up again as your score goes up. It's two years if you haven't registered yet. 

The only other way for the Marines to allow you to retest is for the recruiter to specifically ask for a retest because he believes the results don't reflect your true skills (based on education, training, and Experience). The Marines will NOT approve a retest based solely on the fact that your score is too low to qualify for registration.