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Concentrative and Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief

The ancient practice of meditation believed to have originated over 5,000 years ago when hunters and gatherers considered attaining enlightenment by gazing into the flames of their fires.

 A more modern history of mindfully meditation dates to 500B.C. when the Buddha spread his forms of meditation from India to other Asian countries. These teachings were passed on verbally until monks transcribed the principles shortly after his death.

Concentrative and Mindfulness Meditation for Stress Relief

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Buddha described the formula for safety being fourfold: the rules of morality, contemplative concentration, knowledge, and liberation. Meditation is, of course, a part of this path to redemption. Also included in the teachings are the basics of modern Buddhist religious beliefs.

Today, people of all religions enjoy the meditation practice and experience great benefits from it, such as relieving stress.

There are hundreds of different types of meditation that are found in various forms in many cultures. In the West, we think of meditation as falling into one of two categories:

When focusing on breathing, it is important to find the rhythm in your breath. For example, you can breathe deeply, count to four, and then exhale, count to four. Immediate attention will focus on each breath and you will begin to relax.

When focusing on a mental image, choose something that makes you feel relaxed, like lying on the beach with the waves gently rolling up your feet. Imagine yourself on the beach and draw all your attention to calming experience.