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Car Camping – Easy on the Legs and Back

Anyone who's been injured knows that you have to be fit and be willing to be rude. There is no spare for extra burdens – like blowing on the mattress to sleep or carrying 6 backpacks in a backpack. And while it isn't always necessary to eat lyophilized foods, it will likely take four to five nights for each trip.

Camping by car, however, is a different story. You can literally bring whatever beer you want, bring a chair and raincoat, tablecloth and air mattress, and have room for your golf club. To purchase car air bed online, you can go to this website.

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Experienced campers know that to get a place at the best quality camp, you have to arrive fairly early in the afternoon and on weekdays to find the best spots. But don't despair if you're starting a week-long camping trip and have to come on a Saturday night.

Take what you can, don't dump the whole car and find the best campground gathered by the party in the morning. Ask if you can throw a few chairs, towels, or coolers by the fire so that other people don't sneak up in front of you and wait for them to leave and move on.

If you still arrive early and have a choice of locations, look for as much of the following as possible at the campsite: near water sources, near bathrooms / outbuildings if necessary, lots of space between other campsites, and lots of natural bush to make up your place.