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Freeze Plug Heater Of Car

Freeze plug heater of block heater is ideal for vehicles with frozen spark plugs. Freezer heating is very efficient and can raise the engine temperature in no time. However, installing it can be a hassle because it's not a con.

The freeze heater delivers heat directly to the engine coolant to keep it thin. Setting up a heater may seem complicated at first, but you'll know right away after the first shot. You can visit some site for information on car engine preheater like

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Installation steps

  • Drain the coolant from your car engine

  • Check the instruction manual on how to disconnect the freezer plug

  • Make sure the remaining coolant level is lower than the freezer plug

  • Wipe excess coolant from the freezer hole

  • Remove the O-ring from the block heater

  • Test the hole by briefly inserting the device heater into the freeze hole plug and making sure it doesn't come into contact with other components

  • Remove the heater and mark its position according to the freezer holes

  • Replace the O-ring

  • Put the block heater back in the previous hole

  • Refill the engine with coolant while checking for leaks

  • Connect the vehicle's electrical system to the block heater

Tip: One of the machine freezer stoppers is easier to remove than the other. Find this connector for faster setup. Also, use a silicone sealant around the O-ring to provide added protection from moisture and leaks.