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Cervical Cancer Treatments, Pre-Invasive Stage

There may not be a better reason to have a Pap test for women than the fact that you can catch cancer cells in the cervix early is quite easy, outpatient care.

Over the past 40 years, cervical cancer deaths have become rare. This doesn't mean it doesn't happen just because it happens, but if women have regular, routine tests, they don't have to be a life-threatening event. But you should be aware of various cervical cancer therapies in Kenya.

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There are several ways to treat early-stage cervical cancer, especially if it only appears on the surface and the inner membrane. One of the most popular methods of removing cancer cells in the lining of the cervix is through the use of a cyclic electrosurgical excision, or LEEP.

This will scratch the cancer cells to remove them. Lasers can also be used to kill cancer cells with a beam of light. Cells can also be frozen by cryosurgical methods which freeze and kill cancer cells.

Conization is a method that uses a scalpel cone to remove the area where abnormal cervical tissue cells are located.

If caught at an early stage, the problem and cancer cells can be removed and cured. Of course, this depends entirely on early detection through screening. Talk to your doctor about it and do a Pap test; regular, periodic, and routine basics; We don't want to wait, we need you.