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Selection Of An Office Chair

There are so many types of office chairs out there. From swivel office chairs to executive office chairs to ergonomic office chairs. There are also office chairs with low back, medium back and high back.

The possibilities are endless, from office chairs with adjustable armrests to office chairs without armrests.

How do you choose the right office chair for you?

Before you decide on the right office chair, first consider what you want to use the office chair for.

Buy an office chair for work or an office chair for your own use at home.

When buying an office chair for the workplace, consider the location of the person the office chair is intended for.

If you are looking for an office chair for someone in an authoritative position, such as CEO, President or Manager. You may be looking for an office chair that says

"I'm the boss!" This type of office chair will most likely fall into the Eames office chair category. This type of office chair usually has a high back and is equipped with soft or leather cushions. It is important that this office chair is very comfortable, especially when the people sitting in it are making important business decisions.

You may need to purchase an office chair for the secretary or receptionist. Some factors to consider when making this type of purchase are how easy the office chair is to move.

Usually, you will want to choose an office swivel chair. Swivel office chairs usually have a choice of a low, medium or high back. The office swivel chair is ideal for someone who has to move around the desk a lot.

The secretary constantly switches from computer to fax to answer the company phone number. You can also consider an office chair with adjustable armrests or an office chair without armrests. You don't want to limit employees who need flexibility.