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About Successful Email Marketing Campaign

The measurement of how successful a sent campaign depends on more than open and click-through rates. In the broad term response to your campaign will mostly fall on how relevant, desirable, and cost-effective your product or service. But you can get a rough idea about the type of 'hidden' activity produced by your campaign. If you want to get more information about email tracking then you can visit

This shipping level is how many emails are successfully sent to the recipient's email server – not their actual computer. Think of it as the ability to follow the letter sent to the recipient's local sorting office. From that point on it's all done behind closed doors! The reason why it's not always possible for you to achieve a 100% shipping level based on two factors:

1) Hard bounce – This is when the email address becomes invalid, removed, changed, or has expired. Your server will declare 'return to sender, address unknown!

2) Soft bounce – This is where the server at the other end is slightly tied or the recipient has a complete mailbox quota. Sometimes this happens without good reason. The good news is that sometimes emails will be sent to the next automatic settlement. However, the industry received statistics is that an average of 10% of emails will bounce.