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All About Israeli M 15 Gas Masks

The gas mask with an M-15 filter is a G.I. Mil respirator. Israeli gas mask is approved by U.S TC-8A-383A. It is lightweight with a suitable secure fit and low breathing resistance. This gas mask is designed for mature users and intended for civilian use. This gas mask comes equipped with an M 15 standard filter that directly purifies the gas mask users' air for easier breathing.

The gas mask with an M-15 filter has a design that offers optimum comfort and security. This superior filter safely provides clean oxygen to the user while continuing to productively circulate air. This protective face mask causes minimal interference with physical activities. The M-15 gas mask has a proven shelf-life of 30 years. You can buy high-quality m 15 gas mask through


  • One size (Adult Size)
  • Specially formulated rubber material for high resistance against NBC agents.
  • Superior comfort and durability.
  • Uniquely designed peripheral sealing lip assuring excellent fit.
  • Impact-resistant plastic lenses with a wide field of vision.

The M-15 and its superior filter provide protection against toxic, nuclear, and biological chemical agents. This is the M-15 gas mask, which is the standard-issue gas mask to the Israel Defense Forces. It features large triangular eyepieces for superior vision, an upgraded exhalation valve for easier breathing, and a drinking tube assembly.