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The Gerson Therapy: One of the Best Natural Therapies for Cancer

Cancer is one of the scariest diagnoses that anyone has ever received. Obviously, the implication of lifestyle and health is a great concern and, among others, the possibility of short life and terrible financial destruction. 

Unfortunately, the possibility of healing is also sad because, even though a century of medical research and billions of dollars spent on "finding drugs," our best and smartest efforts seemed futile. You can get a Gerson treatment diet to prevent or treat cancer.

Gerson Therapy: Diet, Food Lists, Dangers, and More

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Most of the forms of cancer are still considered "can't be cured" by modern allopathic drugs. While operations, chemotherapy, and radiation can sometimes produce a temporary reduction in tumor size, there are few, if any, the relationship between increasing and long-term survival. 

Almost always, after the period of "cancer-free" ("remission"), which may be shorter or longer, depending on the lifestyle of the individual and exposure to the elements of the cause of cancer, cancer can return at the same time or maybe a different form.

Cancer may also be more aggressive or more resistant to agents and techniques previously used to restore it. What an allopathic drug practitioner (symptom-oriented) is that there are many natural cancer therapies, existing metabolic for decades, which have produced the same, if not better, results than the current medical system.