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What is Fused Kiln Art Glass?

You may get used to stained glass, right? Well, what if you can take a lot of colors, put them in your own design, put your color where you want it, and produce beautiful works of art in glass and flow with no tin liner? Is it a beautiful work of art or what?

Well, it's more or less glass art that blends in.

An interesting image with a variety of colored glass pieces, combining the pieces with the fusion with a glass furnace that is mixed and after the pieces are finished, it can look like a picture or a painted work of art. Some of these pieces are very beautiful to see. If you are looking for kiln art glass visit

This art form is starting to get hot (no pun intended) and could ignite like wildfire shortly. It's relatively new at the moment and not "many" people have taken it, but, like stained glass, it won't be long before these items are everywhere. This is anger in doing.

So how exactly does glass work together? How it was made?

Well basically, as said above, you take two or more glasses, usually of various colors, placing them next to each other in some kind of mold or thrown, then these pieces are placed in an oven and heated until melted. and heats up. until melting the pieces of glass together to form a single glass.

This type of art glass is also known as dichroic or baked shaped glass.

Several methods can be used to achieve this effect. A piece of dichroic glass that has been liquefied several times to achieve certain effects. Every artist is different. That is why it is an art form. Like canvas-based artists, many experiments are conducted so that "artists" can improve or specialize in one or more specific methods.

While one artist may specialize in a single design, the other would like to present the design that has been fused many times with various colors.

The design is only limited by someone's imagination. Cast glass art can be used and valued in many ways.