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When to Hire the Best 24-Hour Plumbing Services in Keysborough

Emergencies are always a cause for alarm but it never did solve anything to panic and worry too much. Plumbing emergencies, in particular, are one thing homeowners never think much of until it happens and at the worst time possible. However, not all situations can be classified as emergencies and not all situations require 24-hour plumbing services which can cost you double if you're not too careful about who you call.

So what are the situations that qualify as an emergency that you need to call 24-hour plumbing services? Well for one, here are some of the signs and situations that you need to check for and ones that will indicate that you need a professional to do the job:

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– Burst pipes

– Burst hot water system

– No hot water pressure

– Faucets that won't turn off or keep running

– Drain smell or greasy smell

– Water coming out of the bathroom

– Toilets not flushing or backing up

– Water stains on the wall

– Blocked shower drains

However, even as you get up in the middle of the night and find water running in your bathroom, you need to do a few immediate steps to resolve the situation on your own first, like trying to turn the water off from the faucet or fixture where it is coming from. If you can't turn it off from there, turn the water off from the main water supply.

Next, assess the situation before you reach for the phone because often overflowing toilets can wait as long as you don't flush. Any particular problem can wait as long as you cut off water flow to that area. Remember that if you will need to pay a premium when you call in the middle of the night, a Sunday, or a holiday so containing the problem if possible until the morning saves you from having to pay a high price.

Also, before assuming any responsibility for repairs, you need to check first with your water company to see if they can send 24-hour repair services, especially if the problem involves a mainline break, a service line break, or sewer blockage. Call the water company first and see what they will cover and then schedule the repairs to be made if any.