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All About Jacksonville Boat Holidays

If you are looking for something a bit different for your holiday this year, why not look into Jacksonville boat holidays? Navigating waterways is lots of fun. Many people are put going on a Jacksonville boat holiday because they feel they don't know enough about boating.

In actual fact, you don't need any kind of boating experience to be able to enjoy Jacksonville boats, and all the training you need will be provided by the holiday company you hire the boat from. To know more you can search for boat tours in Jacksonville via

On your holiday, your boat will have a full tank of water for both the kitchen and the shower. A full tank will probably be enough to last for your trip, but if you need more there are lots of public moorings where you can fill up with water.

If there are any non-swimmers or children, in your boating party then it's a good idea to have some buoyancy aids on board in case anyone falls overboard. Make sure that everyone has a good pair of sensible, non-slip shoes for walking around in, and you'll need at least two people that are physically able to jump on and off-board and work any locks you pass through.

Most holiday companies won't mind you bringing along a well-behaved pet dog, and your dog will thoroughly enjoy the many great walks along with the Jacksonville and rivers when you moor the boat. Don't forget that if you are looking at boat holidays abroad, pets will need a pet passport.

Jacksonville boat holidays are a great experience for the whole family and offer a wonderful way to spend quality time together away from the usual stresses and strains of modern life.