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Personal Branding: An Attainable Way Of Job Seeking

Personal Branding is definitely a buzz to common job seekers and quite familiar to entrepreneurs. This is synonymous with self-packaging, in which people and their skills or abilities constitute brands. Any business cannot survive if not because of branding. You can also navigate to this website to get the best personal branding services.

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We often get trapped in the web of confusion, forcing our brains to think of ways on how to get a better job. Sometimes, we even take risky measures just to get the job we actually don't like for the sake of having financial resources-that if not interminable, at least enough to sustain our daily needs.

Self-help books are crowding the shelf of bookstores, containing advice in getting a job but none seems of help. There are step-by-step tips flowing through print and online media, television, and radio. In reality, we sometimes could not fulfill all those seemingly simple steps that we often get lost where to start. 

We define marketing as an ongoing process of planning and executing the marketing mix of products, services, or ideas to create exchange between individuals and organizations. The very moment that we write our resume, or even at the instant of drafting it in mind, is already a process of marketing; and we have converted ourselves into a marketer.

The term "marketing" inevitably elicits negative reactions from neophytes in the job industry because "selling" one's self is unthinkable; the human being is downgraded into a commodity. Well, this is not really about downgrading, but conversion. There is no issue of human value depreciation in the process.