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Non-Toxic Weed Killer

Anyone who has ever gardened knows that the difficulty of maintaining a good weed-free garden is an ongoing task that never seems to end. It's like a legendary monster whose head was chopped off and as soon as that happened another one appeared.

This war against weeds seems to be remembered from time to time, and over the centuries, people have invented sophisticated methods of fighting weed killers. As we know, weeds inhibit the growth of other plants, but the problem is also growing near the plants we want. So the trick is to use a non-toxic weed killer that won't damage the plants you want.

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This is especially true if you are serious about maintaining an organic garden. Finally, what are the benefits of organic plants being exposed to inorganic killers? This does not mean that all inorganic weed killers are poisonous, in most cases they are. Not only that, if you have pets and kids in the park, but you also don't want to spray your front and back yard with toxic substances. Removing any weeds by hand or using tools is probably the best way to avoid toxic substances.

However, if you don't want to use brute force to treat weeds, there are other safe alternatives to getting rid of these weeds. Using salt is a simple and easy way to solve this problem. Using about a quarter teaspoon of weed will almost always get rid of it. Be careful not to overuse them, as they can affect other plants you want to keep.