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Scaled Agile Advisory Services

On-site Training and consulting services

On-site training and consulting Services support every one of the important moves of the SAFe Implementation Roadmap. Scaled Agile's Advisory Services team can help you choose the perfect workshop, or a mix of missions, to help you get outside of your most important challenges according to where you are on your SAFe trip. You can get SAFe service online from Prettyagile.

Lean-Agile Center of Excellence Workshop

Drive company adoption of Lean-Agile practices and business results. In this one-day workshop, You will accelerate your company's adoption of Lean-Agile practices, while increasing the likelihood and degree of workable, sustainable business gains.

Worth Stream and ART Identification Workshop

Within this one time marathon, You are going to be guided through a comprehensive evaluation of your institution's purpose, the specific sorts of worth you send, and also the manner that worth flows across the company, its people, and its systems.

SAFe ART Quickstart

The SAFe ART Quickstart reduces Lead-time by instantly becoming the ART began and into executing and learning. The Quickstart is composed of 3 elements: preparation, SAFe for Teams training, and PI Planning.

SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Workshop

In this one-day workshop, you may Learn fundamentals and techniques connected to the crucial Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) collaborations and study how to utilize them to your circumstance.

Inspect and Adapt Workshop

During this one-day marathon, you will be Guided through prep, preparation, and implementation of a three-part Inspect and Adapt event: PI System Demo, Quantitative Assessment, and Problem Solving Workshop.