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How Important Is The Pen Holder When Buying A Calligraphy Pen

A calligraphy piece of equipment that can be viewed, but is surely a necessary part of the calligrapher's tools is the pen holder. Holders may be plastic or wood with a very rare and beautiful Venetian glass as an option and are often mixed with metal parts.

When choosing a calligraphy pen holder from a premium rose gold stationery you need to consider some things: the mechanism that holds the tip in place and the pen barrel. Some nibs marks are of a different size to others and thus will not return the specific manufacturer holders.

pen holder mesmos

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The weight and the circumference of the pen barrel affect the ease with which the stylus can be entered. Some plastic shafts can be very smooth and slippery becomes after being used for some time causing tension in the handgrip tightens.

Some calligraphers prefer to get a pen with a plug wrap or a grooved rubber grip where the fingers grip the gun. It is the person calligrapher and you will not know how you feel about a particular pen barrel until you feel it in your hand.

Some calligraphers prefer to feel a heavy instrument while others prefer to light to enable them to feel more strongly the pen.