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Vertical Gardening, the Future of Farming

Space is a valuable commodity in cities where most of the space is used by buildings and concrete. Many cities around the world are affected by poverty. In the near future, these cities will experience an agricultural revolution. The agricultural revolution is called vertical gardening.

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This method of growing food crops is a sophisticated technology developed by NASA. Read on to learn how this cutting-edge technology can stop hunger that has died around the world.

The basis of this growth system must be vertical, not horizontal. Vertical gardening saves space in the horizontal plane and the same is true for your home. You can grow herbs, fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants in a vertical planting system that only takes up one meter of space!

The space grew straight up and out only three feet. The height, of course, depends on the ceiling.

It sounds so simple, why hasn't anyone done it before? The answer is the starting price. First you need to build a structure that is taller than the surrounding buildings. Then you need a building with solar panels and walls and a ceiling made of clear glass or plexiglass. The next step is the irrigation and nutrition systems that need to be installed.

The cost of incorporation, which prohibits fees, must be shared between the farmers, the city in which they are founded, and the government that represents the people of that city.