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Tips To Select The Right Valve For Your Application

Basically, valves used to control gas and liquid flow in almost every process and system. There are some very important things to look for before choosing the right valve for your application( it is also known as การเลือกวาล์วที่เหมาะสมสำหรับการใช้งานของคุณ in the Thai langugae) and it can be time consuming and complex.

Although, in the market you can find numerous types of valves and comes in different colors, shapes and diameters. Therefore, you have to make sure to find exactly what you need for your application before you place an order.

Here are some point which helps you to find the right Valve according to your application need:-

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Valve sizes and type: Generally, every valve needs to performs one or more basic functions such as Shut off flow, Divert flow, Mix flow, Pressure relief and Back-flow prevention. Also, there function determines the design of valve type as well the right valve choice means matching the valve’s size to expected flow through the system.

Material: The material of valve is also important, it need to be compatible with the gases or liquids flowing through it. They should matched to the chemical compatibility requirements.

Performance: Both the temperature and pressure ranges determine as per required application, where the valve will be installed. Metal valves tend to withstand higher temperatures and pressures, it can also best for pressurized gases.

Maintenance:- Don’t forget to consider ongoing maintenance. Any valve choice should include attention to maintenance requirements. This is important for both valve reliability and application stability.

A good example of this are ball valves. They resist clogging, jamming or malfunctioning. But they are not suitable for adjusting flow. Using them to control flow can lead to leaking or premature failure.