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Ways To Stop Your Child’s Habit of Sucking Thumb

Thumb sucking is a reflex that is found in humans and primates. The reflex disappears by 4 months of age; but the habit continues much longer because infants learn that the habit can not only provide valuable nourishment, but also a great deal of pleasure, comfort, and warmth.

How long should it go on?

According to pediatricians, dentists, and psychologists, parents need not worry up to the age of 5. It is only if it continues beyond that, it may lead to speech problems and dental problems. If you want to buy a thumb sucking guard in order to stop thumb sucking, then you can buy it from the amazon Canadian website.

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Most children outgrow the habit between 2 to 4 years of age.

What can be done to stop it?

1. Search the reason/pattern:

Parents must first observe the pattern. When or before whom, how often, etc.

If a child sucks his thumb to fall asleep, or calm it will be replaced over a period of time. Applying a bitter substance to the fingers or wearing gloves is not recommended.

If a child sucks his thumb to feel secure (for example, in the new place, the arrival of a sibling), parents need to address the source of the anxiety and provide comfort.

2. Do not shame or ridicule the child in front of others

Most kids want to give up but they do not realize when they start sucking their thumb. Tell them you are there to help when they are ready for it.

When they go to school, her classmate's tease is in itself a substantial barrier to the habit.