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Why Motion Graphics are Better Than Static Graphics In Malaysia?

In an age where technology has made lives easier and faster, shrinking attention spans are the norm. This trend has taken a toll on marketing endeavors and has compelled advertising gurus to be more creative. Since most marketing practices use visual media, using motion charts can make a person stand out in a highly competitive industry.

Motion graphics, also known as animation, create and animate static images such as graphics or images. Usually coordinated with music and language, moving images serve as visualization. All the elements come together to "tell a story".

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Motion graphics have become very popular in corporate video production because they accept complex concepts and can visualize them in an easy-to-understand way. They also tend to have a light, playful tone that makes them easy on the eyes.

Have you ever sat through a PowerPoint deck or a static presentation? Often boring. An alternative is to create an animated video that contains the same message but conveys it in a shorter, more entertaining way.

Video graphics are easier to remember than static presentations. Studies show that viewers prefer to watch a 90-second graphic video over a presentation two or three times as long. Company videos based on moving images also help people better understand your brand.